A partnership with specific Aim and Objects is a mutually beneficial relationship. We provide a clearly defined requirements and benefits to our partners. This means one can find a partnership arrangement that works best of the interest. We look for partners who can complement our Aim and Objects and provide maximum value to Researchers across the world.  Our partners can be segregated into following five sections

Institutional Partners
There are several universities and colleges who join hands with us to disseminate knowledge and information. Universities/Colleges who have signed MOU with us to organize the conference/workshop, to publish journals or to carryout research projects are come under Institutional Partners

Publication Partners
Over the past years several publication agencies have come forward to publish quality journals and the IDES conference proceedings. Such publications agencies are come under the Publication Partners

Media Partners
Several organizations promote our events and activities through online and print media. We group then under the category of Media Partners

Index Partners
Most of the research papers in our Journals and Conference proceedings are indexed and abstracted in several our indexed partners.

Associate Partners
The IDES has got many associate network partner organization which share the aims and objective in the relevant or non competitive fields and expertise.